Mimi Goese & Ben Neill


New series of Limited Edition Art Boxes created in collaboration with Habitat for Artists is available now!

Artists from Simon Draper‘s HABITAT for ARTISTS Project have created original and limited edition works inspired by the music from SONGS for PERSEPHONE.

Each work is a unique response by the artist to a song or the album as a whole. All works are 9″ by 9″, contained within boxes made by the artists from recycled material from the HFA project. Works are priced individually. This collaboration was the concept of artist SIMON DRAPER, founder of HFA and follows the mission of HFA to seek new audiences in communities & to further all aspects of creativity.

The first editions by Richard Bruce and Carol Flaitz are available now in our STORE and on our website. Other participating artists whose work you will be seeing soon include:

Lisa Breznak, Carla Goldberg, Marnie Hillsley, Brian Beaton and Lorraine Gregus, Susan Walsh , Todd Sargood, Jackie Garparre, and Simon Draper

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