Songs for Persephone is available now in different formats on Ramseur Records! Limited Edition Art Boxes and an Interactive Memory Box that include extra music and video can be purchased below. In addition, artist Simon Draper and his artist collective Habitat for Artists are creating unique limited edition artwork packages inspired by the music from Songs for Persephone. Each work is a unique response by an artist to the music. Download versions and CDs are also available. You can find our music on ITunes, Amazon, EMusic and Spotify

The Interactive Memory Box includes the CD, extra music/video downloads and future updates. By an interactive process, each Art Box will be made for you personally by Mimi Goese, incorporating your story with the story from the song “A Lovely Goodbye.”

Unique art box package by HFA artist Richard Bruce

Unique art box package by HFA artists Jane2

Unique art box package by HFA artist Carol Flaitz

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