Mimi Goese & Ben Neill


This is an open call for video submissions for potential use in Fathom - Ben Neill and Mimi Goese's new performance/installation piece. Made possible by a commission from the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries and a New Music USA grant , Fathom bridges music, art and science, raising environmental awareness through creative technologies and poetry. It is a collaboration between two musicians - and the river itself.

The call for video is to invite local communities to participate in the creative process of Fathom, reflecting their perspectives, experiences and personal impact of the Hudson River. The videos that are chosen will be part of the premiere performance at the Towne Crier in Beacon on November 17 as well as an installation at the BIRE Gallery in 2017 and possible further work.

Neill and Goese will be translating BIRE's environmental data on the Hudson River into music algorithmically using several different computer programs. The institute’s graphs will also be used as scores for live musicians. This river data ("REON data") includes everything from barometric pressure to electrical conductivity to salinity. Each parameter of the REON data is used for a different instrumental or vocal part; the sections of the piece correlate to data that was collected prior to, during and immediately following Hurricane Sandy, as well as the history of life, industry and beauty of the Hudson Valley.

Any/all videos will be considered that:

• Feature the Hudson River in some way
• Are Quicktime movie files with .mov extensions and a minimum size of 1280 x 720p
• Are less than one minute long, with the exception of Hurricane Sandy footage - which can be up to five minutes.
• Videos may be uploaded at mimigoeseandbenneill.com or send downloadable links to mimigoeseandbenneill@gmail.com
• Videos must be uploaded via a computer; smartphones and tablets are not possible to use for uploading

Movies with sound are encouraged and video of Hurricane Sandy is of particular interest for this project. All producers of movies used in the final productions will be credited.

For more information contact mimigoeseandbenneill@gmail.com


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